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The best low fouling Counter flow Sea water Cooling Tower Film Fill

Brand : Respect

Product origin : Wuxi Jiangsu Province

Delivery time : 10 days after payment

Supply capacity : 10000 pieces per day

The Best Low Fouling Film Fill 

1. The cleanflow  film fill is qualified worldwide as the best film fill combining  low fouling properties with good thermal performance.

2. Using Hamen’s well proven technology of non-contact sheets, which combined with smooth  smooth  horizontal corrugations, allows even water distribution over the sheet 

and water rotation for good contact with air and resistance to deposition of solids. The vertical flute design allows self drainage of the cores and reduces the pressure drop.

3. It is well adapted to any induced draft or natural draft cooling tower using poor  quality industrial water particularly sea water. It is also suitable for other severe  applications such as laminated decanting and washing gas.

4. The cleanflow fill has been proving its capability for more than 20 years.


Technical Specification:




Dark gray to black

Fire Classification


Typical module width

1000 mm (or n*20 mm)

Typical module length

2032 mm (n*508 mm)

Typical module height

500 or 1000 mm (fixed)

Sheet thickness
(before forming)

0.3 mm

Typical specific weight
 (0.3 mm thick)

21,0 kg/m³ ± 5%

Sheet pitch

20 mm

Fouling rate coefficient

0.26 (base: SNCS=1.0)

Emptying factor


Specific heat exchange surface

127,0 m²/m³

Maximum debris size 

32 mm

Maximum water temperature
(continuous operation with fan on)


Maximum total suspended solid

100 ppm

Maximum salinity (sea water)

70 gr/l

Methods or support

Suspended or laid on beams


1. Other materials options are: U-PVC & ABS; sheet thickness of 0.35 to 0.6mm; varying module sizes; fire classification (M1); temperature resistance (up to 80°C),.

2. Other colours may be obtained.

3. The corrugated sheets are solvent welded (glued) together to form pack modules.

4. The gluing can be carried out on site to avoid large volume transportation.

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