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PVC cooling tower filler Good price cooling tower fill packing with high quality

Brand : Respect

Product origin : Wuxi Jiangsu Province

Delivery time : 10 days after payment

Supply capacity : 10000 pieces per day

Product Details

PVC cooling tower filler Good price cooling tower fill packing with high quality

The ethics of an enterprise is the morality of one person.Adhering to the principle of "quality first, forging ahead, striving for perfection" is our eternal pursuit.We hope to achieve common development on the basis of mutual benefit, and sincerely make the brand.With the new corporate image and excellent product quality, we strive to create a brilliant future.



Model :
850*1000mm,1000*1000mm etc
black,grey etc

Supply Ability:

10000 pieces/day

Sample delivery time:

7 days for spare parts

Terms of payment:

By T/T /Paypal/or Western Union, etc

Minimum Order:

50pcs except custom shape cooling tower fill

Place of origin:

Wuxi, China,near Shanghai
Fill in the cooling tower


High-quality cooling tower filler

Low ventilation resistance, strong hydrophilic, large contact area

Good flame retardant, aging resistance, ultraviolet ray, long life

The product hydrophilic can be strong, the film is good, easy to fill the heat conduction


The role of the packing in the cooling tower is to increase the heat dissipation, extend the cooling water residence time, increase the heat exchange area, and increase the heat exchange capacity. Evenly distribute water. It is not something that needs to be cooled down to fill the tower. A cooling tower is a device that cools a hot fluid (including water) to a reasonable temperature.

Cooling towers reject heat from water-cooled systems to the atmosphere. Hot water from the system enters the cooling tower 
and is distributed over the fill (heat transfer surface). Air is induced or forced through the fill, causing a small portion of the water to evaporate. This evaporation removes heat from the remaining water, which is collected in the cold water basin and returned to the system to absorb more heat. Each cooling tower line, although operating under the same basic principle of operation, is arranged a little differently.

Tips of cleaning cooling tower

Cooling tower packing cleaning method (1):

1. Manually clean the scale slag that has fallen off in the cooling tower;

2. Wash the packing repeatedly with a high-pressure water gun to remove the scales of the washed sludge;

3. After dissolving TNB safe and high-efficient detergent with hot water of about 50°C, rinse the packing repeatedly with a flushing pump until the scale is clean (if the packing has a long service life, causing aging and collapse, it is recommended to replace the packing). Algae agent, completely kill the biological algae and bacteria;

4. After confirming that all parts of the system have been cleaned, remove the sewage;

5. Wash the packing and tower inside and outside with clean water;

6, restore the system everywhere, replenishment can be used;

7. After all the restoration, please check and accept the management of Party A;

8. Evacuate the items of Party B to clean the site;

photobank (2).png

photobank (1).png

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details      white colour export carton with wooden pallets: 17PCS/CTN, 21.5KG/CTN, 69CTNS/PALLET

Delivery Time              20-25 days after advance payment



Our Service

Our company cooling tower have advantage as below

1.New material  

2.large plastic extrusion

3.long service life

4. high temperature resistant

5. Good heat exchange perfomance, and excellent Cooling efficiency


We have achieved good business reputation in the field of international trade, outstanding performance, and maintain frequent business relations with many enterprises around the world.We are recognized by our customers as one of the most reliable and trustworthy partners.We will expand and extend the new technology product line gradually and produce high-quality new products to meet the requirements of customers in different areas.Of course, this huge task cannot be done by one party alone.The emergence of new products should be attributed to the cooperation of our staff and customers.



Basic Information

respect  trading company is located in wuxi, eastern jiangsu province.we are committed to providing high quality products for overseas i markets i our main products include: cooling tower accessories(such as that pvcs type cooling tower packing oblique type cooling tower packing. cool pool cooling tower packing,defoaming, mist eliminator, etc).: mechanical equipment. a project subject to approval in accordance with the law may carry out operational activites after approval by relevant departments)

Production Capacity

Product Line Name
Production Line Capacity
Production Line Capacity
PVC Filler
USD 1,000,000.00/Year
USD 600,000.00

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