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Low Fouling Counterflow Fill Similar with Brentwood CF1900 Cooling Tower Fill infill filler

Brand : Respect

Product origin : Wuxi Jiangsu Province

Delivery time : within 10 days after payment

Supply capacity : 10000 pieces per day

Product Description

High cooling efficiency pvc filler for round cooling tower pvc round fill

♣Description of pvc filler for round cooling tower

Cooling Tower Fill  is one of the most important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling tower. It is the major parts to improve the efficiency of cooling tower and make sure the economy and safe operation.  With the development of the plastic industry, countercurrent tower drench water plastic packing "S" shape ladder wave, obliquely wave, which has the heat dissipation ,good performance ,Ventilated small resistance, durable, based on the easy and other advantages, it is widely used in different types of large, medium, small, cooling tower.

 ♣Raw Material of pvc filler for round cooling tower 

♣PVC filler for round cooling tower features

1. Anti-aging

2.Excellent Performance

3.Long Service life

4.Good heat exchange perfomance, and excellent Cooling efficiency

5.Easy to install

♣PVC filler for round cooling tower specification

Item name

pvc filler for round cooling tower

Fill material


Fill color

Black / blue

Fill dimension

Height:200/250/300mm  length: any 

Fill sheet thickness


Working temperature 



♣PVC filler for round cooling tower photos

Product Description

NEWIN cooling tower fills features:
light weight, High strength, Good flame retardant performance, corrosion resistance, Excellent design, Small ventilation resistance, Strong hydrophilicity and Large contact area
Specification: 0.22*240*340*600mm
Pitch of sheets: 20mm
Thickness: 0.18 0.4 mm
Applicable temperature: 75ºC ~ 35 ºC
Range of application: Round type counter flow cooling tower
What is cooling tower packing fills for ?
PVC packing is used for cooling tower to increase the heat dissipation, prolong cooling water retention time, increase the heat transfer area, increase the heat release.
Matierial: CPVC, PVC, PPR, PEX, PB
Newin cooling tower PVC packing main models are divided into: circular counterflow cooling tower packing, square counterflow cooling tower packing, a square cross-flow cooling tower packing, industrial cooling tower packing, closed cooling tower packing, evaporative cooling tower packing, central air conditioning cooling tower cooling film, PVC shower water sheet, main appearance size is 500 * 650 mm, 500 * 750 mm, 750 * 850 mm, 500 * 850 mm, 500 * 1050 mm, 1050 * 1080 mm, 600 * 1080 mm, 750 * 800 mm, 800 * 400 mm, 1000 * 400 mm, 305 * 1220 mm, 1220 * 1220 mm, 915 * 1220 mm, 1220 * 1220 mm, 1220 * 1000 mm, 915 * 1000 mm, 1000 * 2880 mm, 2880 * 2880 mm, 1000 * 2880 mm, 1330 * 2840 mm, from 12-35 mm, sheet thickness of 0.25 ~ 0.25 (+ / - 0.03 mm), quality is about 15 kg per cubic meter of assembly body to 30 kg/m3, the assembly height of 0.6 m - 0.6 m, staggered, for special-shaped pieces of visual field surrounding the tower wall arrangement, according to the actual size cutting, installation.

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Packing & Delivery

Scope of application: Counter flow round type cooling tower

Packaging Details: PE belt or according to the customer's demand

Delivery Detail: within 15 days after receiving deposit

Packaging: PP film or PE belt or by wooden pallet, wooden box outside or as per customer's requirement

Delivery Time: within 10 days after deposit.

cooling towerfill.png





Our other types cooling tower fills and nozzles


Packaging & Shipping
PackagingPlastic film outside or according to customer's request
Delivery Timewithin 15 days after receiving deposit

packing delivery.png


1. Are you manufacturer? 
Answer: Yes we are a cooling tower manufacturer located in Jiangsu Province China. With 15years of manufacturing and OEM service for several brand of famous cooling tower. 

2. Can you provide the cooling tower parts different with the specification in above showing form? 
Answer: We can manufacturer and newly design for special order based on your provided specification and drawing or performance requirements. 

3. What products are you manufacturing? 
Answer: Cooling towers with its accessories (motor, steel frame, plastic components, FRP panel, PVC infill, motor, water pump, motor fan, control box for fan)

4. What is the delivery time? 
Answer: For round type cooling tower below 300RT, we have stock in warehouse. Other type cooling tower, need to production upon receive the PO. Leading time 15 working days. 

5. What is your quality warranty? 
Answer: 1 year for motor, 2 years for steel parts, 5 years for FRP pannel. Free parts available during garrantee peroid. 

7. Do you have any production management system or certification for products. 
Answer: ISO 9001: 2008 quality and environment management system certificates. CTI certificate for cooling towers.

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Ms Yaling



Add:Wanshi Town,Yixing city,Jiangsu Province,China.

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