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  • pvc cooling tower filler

    pvc cooling tower filler

    Cooling tower film fill manufactured from rigid PVC sheets conforming for cooling tower heat-transfer applications. The media is fabricated from corrugated PVC sheets that are solvent-welded

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  • cooling tower fill packing

    cooling tower fill packing

    Keep in mind that the process of testing this new section of fill requires some forethought so that you have the fill “soaking” for a year or longer prior to needing a full fill replacement. This pr

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  • Ebara cooling tower fills

    Ebara cooling tower fills

    A: Introduction to FillerFiller is the most important part of the cooling tower, and its efficiency depends on the extent to which the cooling water and air are fully in contact with the filler. Fille

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  • Cross fluted cooling tower fill

    Cross fluted cooling tower fill

    Cross Fluted Fills improve water distribution by splitting the water stream as it descends through the fill pack. The CF1900 MA splits the water stream 8 times in a 12” (305 mm) vertical path. H

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  • bio ball media Contain cotton filter filler

    bio ball media Contain cotton filter filler

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